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Top Reasons why Virginia Beach, VA Wedding Florists Recommend Local Flowers

Top Reasons why Virginia Beach, VA Wedding Florists Recommend Local Flowers

Local Flowers for Weddings

Wedding Flower1One of the wedding trends nowadays is to prepare and serve something that is environmentally sustainable. This idea is good for the health of the environment, not just for humans. From the ingredients used for the food catering, decorations and you can also do it with the flowers to use. While not many people put some consideration about where their wedding flowers come from, it is something to be thought about especially when you want an environmentally friendly wedding.

You may find online florists with the cheapest deals or packages for weddings. On the other hand, you should consider visiting the local wedding florists in Virginia Beach, VA to find out about the local and sustainably grown bridal flowers. If you are not that familiar on how you can help by supporting local flowers, you should talk to your florist and learn about the reasons why it is helpful.

First, it is better for the environment, which was already mentioned above. The huge and full bloomed flowers that you’ve seen from the grocery store and from online are typically grown in other countries. It is not disclosed to the public, but the flowers are drenched in chemical preservatives to ensure it stays bloomed until it is sold. To survive the travel period almost halfway around the world, the flowers are store in a refrigerator. Unlike with local flowers, you can get the flowers quickly fresh as possible. A guarantee is that the wedding flowers you will have will have little or no chemicals at all. Supporting local flowers also help in encouraging biodiversity between plants and insects.

Second, you are supporting local florist and flower growers. While you can indeed afford to pay thousands of dollars for imported flowers, the local flowers you will buy can greatly help in supporting the local economy. Why would you go far to buy your wedding flowers when there are small and beginning flower growers nearby? With local flowers, you can typically get a better deal because there will be less middlemen when transacting a business. You will have to deal directly with the farmer or with the florist.

Third, you will receive fragrant flowers. The flowers that were produced and traveled for hours from other countries and states could lose their scent. Freshly picked flowers from a local grower will have less time to be delivered so you get to enjoy the fresh scent. How disappointing is it to pay $300 or more for roses when there’s no scent at all?

Try asking the wedding florists in Virginia Beach, VA that you visit about supporting local flowers. You will know more about how you can help the environment and the local economy without spending too much, read more here.

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