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Surprise Your Guest with Your Magical Christmas Wedding

Surprise Your Guest with Your Magical Christmas Wedding

Planning a Christmas Wedding

Christmas is a magical time of year. More and more couples are becoming aware of the Christmas wedding. This time of year is not just about snow and cold, getting married in Christmas will be the most festive celebration. What’s good about having your wedding during this time is that, there are just few booking for the venue, caterer and even the photographer. When planning for Christmas wedding you need to consider a lot of things.

All About WeddingFestive Colors

Since Christmas is celebrated during winter, you will notice that the surrounding is dull and blank. In order to make the wedding more festive choose the traditional color for Christmas such as green and red. It is ideal to have the wedding in a hotel because you don’t need to put a lot of fund for the decoration. It is common for hotels to decorate the interior with Christmas décor including their function hall. So expect that the venue is pre-decorated with gorgeous things. Other colors that are perfect for this type of wedding are silver, gold, light blue, forest green, burgundy, cream or earthy color such as pine brown. However, you should be very careful in scheming the colors.

Wedding Invitations

Though you are entitled to use Christmas details for your wedding you should be very careful with your invitation not to look like a holiday card. You can cut out some showflakes shapes and paint ti with silver and sprinkle with glitters. Write the details at the other side. You can also use scroll as an invitation. For more unique invitation, use message in a bottle. Instead of regular message in a bottle, put some Christmas elements. You can half fill the bottle with gritted Styrofoam to imitate snow, add small pine cone and cover it with cork. Add ribbon made from straw at the neck of the bottle.

Wedding Cake

You can have a whimsical cake for your Christmas wedding or any design that matches Christmas. If you want to be traditional, you can serve king cakes for the wedding or a fruit cake that last a year. You really don’t need to have a Christmas tree shape cake to explain that you are having a Christmas wedding. How about multiple layers of white cake sprinkled with edible glitters? Or a chocolate cake with cinnamon or strawberry at the top? You can match the cake with cupcakes or mini cakes and can be serves as wedding favors too.

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