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Stunning Ideas for Your Upcoming Garden Wedding Day

Stunning Ideas for Your Upcoming Garden Wedding Day

How to Make Your Garden Wedding Amazing?

weddingGarden wedding ideas are ideal for wedding planning in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter depending on the type of wedding you’re hosting. Imagine a glistening, white garden covered in snow and ice with horse drawn sleighs? It’s a very romantic wedding idea that can be hosted in a personal garden, city garden, or arboretum. How about a spring affair with a backdrop of tulips and daffodils? It could be your perfect spring wedding in a neighbourhood garden. A garden wedding can be romantic, playful, magical, and cheerful. Gardens are ideal for celebrating your special day in a stimulating and beautiful location. A garden wedding can be as simple as a backyard wedding, but it can also be elegant and enchanting.

Want to plan a garden wedding with a whimsical feel? Settle on one color that will use the garden colors as accents. Consider painting clay pots with colorful designs and demarcate the ‘aisle’ with these colorful pots. Filled with seedlings or fresh plants, they can also make ideal gifts for the bridal party. The bride may carry a bouquet comprised of flowers found in the garden.

For evening or night time garden weddings, use tea lights and Christmas lights to decorate the trees and surroundings. This can create a mystical atmosphere. Plan an evening wedding carefully and make sure there are no areas of ‘standing water’ and place bug attractors (such as sacks with sweet water in them) in discreet locations to cut down on evening time pests.

A garden wedding often lends itself to a garden reception. Consider outdoor grilling with cool drinks, picnic tables and pitchers of lemonade, iced tea, or cool water. Plastic, stylized cups may add the right touch of elegance while limiting damage that may occur with glassware. Consider foods with accents of citrus which add to the garden atmosphere.

Garden buildings are ideal locations for either the reception or the wedding ceremony. A gazebo can be decorated with flowers, garlands, ribbons, or lights. A gazebo also places the focus firmly on the bridal couple. Guests may be ranged out in a circle or more traditionally fashioned with two rows of seats framing the sides of an aisle. A garden wedding can match any type of atmosphere you desire for your ceremony and reception. From a rustic, whimsical look to an enchanted outdoor evening, consider different garden wedding ideas to make your dreams a reality.

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