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Have a Storybook Wedding at a Castle in Detroit MI

Have a Storybook Wedding at a Castle in Detroit MI

Vintage Wedding Venues

wedding venuePeople are always looking towards to finding unique wedding venues in Detroit MI. You venues as simple as a function hall at a hotel to a wedding on the beach, if you are looking for a unique wedding venue and have a vintage theme in mind then why not try a wedding at a historical building like a castle. There are so many castles in Detroit MI that would make excellent wedding venues, and usually with the right asking around for permission caretakers of people in charge of these areas would open the place to a one night event.

Just like private islands you’d be surprised that they are easier to rent then you may think. If you have a wedding planner they can actually do the research on buildings that are of the historical nature. If you picture yourself in a fairytale wedding then a castle is a nice place to hold your wedding ceremony and reception. The intimacy you get from inside a castle or even in their courtyard is surreal. The peaceful surroundings and the clean air will do some good for your wedding.

Now looking towards the décor side, if you pick a wedding venue such as a castle you won’t really need to decorate it that much. The natural brick walls and clay floors will be decoration enough ye of course there will be some additional decorations here and there, but all in all you will be spending less. If the historical building is well kept, or it is a tourist attraction you can bet there will be lights in the area as well. You can also wear you best wedding gown to match the theme and the venue of your wedding.

If not, then why not try plain white Christmas lights, stretching from wall to wall sort of like a blanket of light bulbs as a ceiling, this will provide a lot of light and give you that fairy tale feel when you walk into the venue.

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