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Songs Banned by Most Couples When Hiring Wedding DJs in Houston, TX

Songs Banned by Most Couples When Hiring Wedding DJs in Houston, TX

Music Restriction for the Bridal DJ

Wedding DJWith your wedding DJs in Houston, TX, you can have unlimited access to all types of music on your wedding day. But there are some people who are irritated with some types of music. For sure, you have your own preference of music, and the hated ones as well.

To give you an idea, here are some of the songs which most couples have banned to be played on their wedding reception:

This kind of music is indeed very loud and is not appropriate on a very solemn wedding celebration. This is okay as long as both the husband and wife agreed to play some metal songs. But the question is, are your guests happy to hear about it? Or they might get irritated?

Electric Slide, Macarena and Chicken Dance
Well, some people are already fed up with these kinds of songs so it might be very irritating for them. Most brides hate these songs so if the groom insists, the fight is on.

What Did the Fox Say
Look what we have here? This song has been so popular on Youtube but this might be very irritating when played on your wedding, unless you are holding a children’s party. According to some brides, they find this song a bit pointless.

Songs about divorce
Why would you play “I Will Survive” in your own wedding reception? Playing this song seems a bad omen for a marriage, which has just started a while ago. Most couples would usually skip this song. So what’s the use of wearing a wedding dress and celebrating wedding when all you can hear is a divorce song.

There are a number of songs out there that irritates most couples and the above mentioned are the frequently mentioned ones. You might want to prepare your own playlist so your DJ would not accidentally play any of the songs above.

If you have some music restrictions, your wedding DJs in Houston, TX can help you with that. This is the main reason why you need to sit with your wedding DJ and plan out what songs to include and what songs shouldn’t be played. Visit http://top10weddingvendors.com/houston/houston-djs for more reputable DJs.

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