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Host a Spa Night Instead of Booking in Expensive Wedding Spa Salons in Denver CO

Host a Spa Night Instead of Booking in Expensive Wedding Spa Salons in Denver CO

Cost Effective Wedding Spa Night

Many brides usually plan their wedding about a year or over a year. Through the days, weeks and months of working hard, the bridesmaids are also there to help the bride. So, it is just fitting to host a spa night to reward yourself and your bridal party for all the effort. However, it is not surprising that going to wedding spa salons in Denver, CO can be really expensive. To save you from more expenses, host your spa night at home so that you still have budget specially with you wedding dresses. Here are simple yet clever ways to do that.

On your invitation, aside from the date and time of the spa night, list the things that your guests should bring. Remember, you will have a DIY spa party, so you should be spending less as much as possible. Ask them to bring their lounge wear, slippers or sandals, towel, candles and other overnight kits.

Make sure you have cleared the living room or bedroom to accommodate all your guests. Prepare towels and face cloths, drinking glasses, water, lemon or orange slices, snacks, candles and your camera.

To make sure each guest will receive a treatment, make stations. Put up manicure station, pedicure station, facial station or massage station.

Start with the manicure and pedicure station. You can combine both treatments in one station. You do not need to hire professional nail technicians to have the manicure and pedicure done. Just make sure the kit for manicure and pedicure is complete, and just print out an easy how-to manicure and pedicure instructions.

You and your bridesmaid should take turn in the massage station, which could take some time. However, you do not have to spend an hour massaging your bridesmaid. Check out easy and gentle back massage techniques that will make you feel revitalized. Don’t forget to put on a relaxing music and lit a scented candle to give you a spa-like atmosphere.

For a bonus, you can put up a meditation station, which is not likely found in wedding spa salons in Denver, CO. Surprise your bridal party as you prepare for the big day.

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