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Highlighting 4 Dramatic Custom Wedding Cakes as Desserts in Houston, TX

Highlighting 4 Dramatic Custom Wedding Cakes as Desserts in Houston, TX

Choosing 4 Dramatic Bridal Cakes

If you love something dramatic as your wedding cake centerpiece, no worries because you will have plenty of designs to choose from. Dramatic custom wedding cakes in Houston, TX are patterned from the runway posh trends.

The following are the best trendy dramatic cakes out there:

Fringe: This runway trend inspired cake struts details which are inspired from the 1920s. The cake is adorned with layers of mid-shimmy paste fringe. It costs $15 per slice, but you can purchase it as a whole to save more cash.

wedding cakeRuffles: This cake is unique looking with its frills that are asymmetrical. The color starts from mulberry from the top and becomes creamy yellow as it descends. This ombre cake captures the drama that you wanted to project. It will cost $28 per slice but getting it in a package is a smart choice.

Florals: This type of style will never be out of fashion, of course. This three tiered white cake is hand painted with roses and accented with blue colored robin egg décor. It renders exquisite beauty that will surely make everyone gaze. It could serve 100 people and the cost of per slice is around $24.

Lace: Who wouldn’t want to feature a lace when it comes to runway glory? This cake carried a charming design made of sugary ivory cutouts. Its fondant is tinted with lemonade hue and topped with plum colored fan. Classic, isn’t it? This cake could serve dessert to 65 bridal guests in your party. If you are going to purchase it on a per slice basis, it will cost you $21 per slice. Some couple also wants to incorporate their cake in their wedding gown and suit.

If you have a penchant among posh and dramatic aesthetics, getting custom wedding cakes in Houston, TX could be perfect for your choice. Celebrating your wedding in the grandest way is one of the best ways to entice and impress your bridal guests.

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