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Getting Gravity Defying Wedding Cakes in Denver, CO

Getting Gravity Defying Wedding Cakes in Denver, CO

Gravity Defying Bridal Cakes

Do you want to feature something extraordinary on your wedding day? Why not do it with your cake. Cake is the usual centerpiece that your guests are setting their eyes to. Surprise them by getting gravity defying wedding cakes in Denver, CO. Yes, that is right—a cake that defies the law of Gravity, over at this website. Wedding CakeThis type of cake is patterned upside-down, like your chandelier in the ballroom or reception.

In order to achieve this kind of design for your cake, you will need the expertise of smart engineers and bakers. Your bakers will be rigging the traditional setup of your 7 tier cake into something unbelievable. Can you imagine your cake being upside down?

The most famous gravity defying cake is the Chandelier cake. This is constructed by starting with the wood base, which is covered by fondant that matches the design and color of the cake. After that, the engineer will screw the wooden dowels that are an inch longer as compared to the length of the cake. The masonite board will hold each tier of the cake. To make it look more posh, you can add more draping fondant.

You can hook this type of cake in a veranda flower stand, which is very surprising. Most engineers are creating these types of designs for a longer period of time so you need to talk to your bakers ahead if you plan for a concept like this.

You can also ask the baker to design your cake like your wedding dress and suit. If you want to go non-traditional, you can always pick gravity defying wedding cakes in Denver, CO. This will surely give your wedding reception an exciting head start. But in order to achieve this work of art, you need to sit down and plan out with your baker.

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