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Get the Perfect Manicure for Your Wedding with Nail Salons in Chicago IL

Get the Perfect Manicure for Your Wedding with Nail Salons in Chicago IL

Do Your Research before You Go to a Nail Salon

When you are choosing nail salons for your wedding in Chicago IL, a lot of brides focus on things like how much it’s going to cost, décor, style that will fit to their wedding dress and service selection. Unfortunately, only a very few women take the time to do a background check on the salon or spa and see whether or not they follow health and safety precautions and whether or not they get good feedback. It’s your wedding day after all and you need to look great head to toes or should I say hair to toenails. Remember this when you are looking for good nail salons, that a simple phone call and asking the right questions can help you minimize your risk of getting any infections or having bad manicures or pedicures.

Nail SalonWhen you’re getting ready for your wedding, call your nail salons in Chicago IL and ask whether or not they have a license and be sure to look for it when you head over. The salon and technician should be licensed by the state. If they are then you can rest a little bit easier, but don’t let your guard down, read on, we don’t want you getting an infection on the day of your wedding.
Next, check if the salon sterilizes their tools. Usually they keep their tools in sealed containers sometimes in containers with sanitizing liquid to keep the germs and infection causing bacteria away.

Lastly ask about their footbaths when you are getting pedicures. Stay with nail salons that use pipe-less footbaths, as ones that have water pipes then to hide germs that are hard to clean. And avoid salons where the staff tries to avoid your questions about health and safety.

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