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Checklist to Handle When Dealing with Hindu Wedding Event Coordinator Services

Checklist to Handle When Dealing with Hindu Wedding Event Coordinator Services

Checklist of Hindu Wedding Planning

Hindu WeddingAfter the proposal, matchmaking, and engagement ceremonies have been finished, there are some other responsibilities that you need to take care. In order to bring the life commitment’s to the next level, one should be ready for the challenge of wedding planning. If one is new to this setup then worry not because Hindu wedding event coordinator services will be there to assist the needs of your event.

To take the steps further, the first thing that one should do is prepare the checklist. Checklist is an important factor of the wedding planning process so that everything will be organized. Do not fret out because everyone has been to this situation before. If other brides have survived this kind of situation before then you can also do it. All you need to do is cooperate with your wedding planner and know how to delegate tasks from your dress down to your catering.

Here are the things that you should not miss on your checklist:

Calendar: This will help you mark all the important dates before the wedding. Set a calendar of event 12 months before the wedding. You need to mark all the dates wherein you need to follow up on a certain service and once done, cross out the date; a calendar will help you organize things so you should have one.

Budget: You can look for the receptions of your event base on your budget. You cannot move if you don’t set how much you’re going to spend so make sure you plan for the cost ahead of time. Your planner can also help organize the cost.

Flowers and designs: Indian weddings are usually very intricate when it comes to details. You need to invest on this one in order not to disappoint the guests. Make sure that the mandap design reflects the culture and echoes the style of the bride as well.

Favors: Your favors could be as simple as possible like tea light holder, Himalayan pink salt, Indian gift bags, sandalwood fan, mini-lanterns and many more. There are so many favors to choose from so you will never run out of option.

Food: Like other type of weddings, you serve breakfast, canapé and starters, main course and desserts to your guests. If you want a genuine cuisine, make sure to get authentic Indian caterers.

Transport: The last thing to take care in Hindu wedding event coordinator services is the transport service. If you want to arrive in style, you can choose limo service or plain private cars. To make everything successful you need advice from DesiWeds.

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